Apr 082014

atomic roseToday is day #19 of my 365 project and I though I’d post  a little update. So far this project has been revolving mostly about my drawings and flowers and drawings of (abstract) flowers or at least it seems like that to me. Also, I’ve been obsessed with everything colorful  again so most of the photos I took are bursting with colors but that can be only  appropriate because it’s Spring :)

Above you can see one of the atomic roses, and below is an ink sketch of what I called a spring heart:

spring heart

Sometimes natural flowers don’t feel enough so some of us make artificial, paper ones:

paper flowers

Flowers whether artificial or natural (in this case natural, of course) make best props for photos of drawings:

little flower house

Daisies pattern:


Here’s  another pattern (no flowers involved this time) on one of mine Society 6 bags. You can see a drawing I used for its design in the notebook on the bag:

for the love of pattern

One of my latest drawings (pre-coloring version on the left, finished one on the right) and guess what? It’s not a flower but  a pear! Or maybe not a pear but some strange fruit, however I assure you it’s delicious!

strange fruit

And to end this post here are my official “work shoes”, that is, shoes that accidentally got stained with acrylics and then I decided they’d look better all colorful and messy anyways:

work shoes

You can follow my project here.

Apr 022014

First there was an ink explosion (inkplosion?!), colors bursting across the pristine white paper creating a delicious, colorful chaos:

ink explosion

Details of this inked mess were as interesting as the overall image:

ink explosion detail

ink explosion detail

Eventhough colorful mess looked lovely, this wasn’t the end goal! The next step was cuttin the big inked paper into six smaller ones, then adding a bit more texture (white this time):

cut paper

After that little square format pieces of paper got inked one more time:


Now they were perfect, colorful, texture background for yet another abstract shape:

starting to draw

You can see this blue shape being finished here (once again I did the video and Arlen Dean aka Alkaline Samurai produced the sound):

finishing a drawing from Asja Boros on Vimeo.

finished drawing

atomic rose

Mar 312014

in my studio
Hello and welcome to my studio. I’ve been very busy drawing and inking and working on my most recent art project Atomic Rose Garden (a series of abstract ink drawings inspired by flower shapes). My ultimate goal with this project is to create a thousand roses. It’s pretty ambitious (ready crazy) project but I’m loving it so much! I’ve been drawing my flowers in different sizes and almost all of them on square format. Today I want to share some of the smaller drawings I did on 15×15 cm paper (as opposed to this one that is slightly bigger and done on 35×35 cm paper).


Also, here’s a short video in which you can see some of the drawings (sound is done by Arlen Dean):

atomic roses (drawings) from Asja Boros on Vimeo.

atomic roses

atomic roses

atomic roses

atomic roses

atomic roses

in my studio

Mar 252014

orange impact
As I’ve been mentioning in several past posts, for last couple of months (or longer) I’ve been working on a series of abstract drawings called “atomic rose garden” and now it’s finally time for me to stop talking and start sharing my drawings here :)

This first one I’m sharing is titled orange impact, it’s 14×14 inches in size (approximately 35×35 cm) and it’s done on extra rough watercolor paper.  I used ink to draw and color it and a bit of white acrylic paint to add texture.

On  a photo below you can see  how it looked like unfinished:
orange impact wip

 …and here it is how it looks like framed, in a simple glass frame:

orange impact framed

I really loved working on this piece although I have to admit it was a challenge to photograph it. I couldn’t scan it (at least not on my home scanner) because it’s too big and photos just don’t do it justice, it’s so much more vibrant in person- when looking at it you can almost feel a punch of orange in your gut :) Basically it’s like this orange drawing punches you in the belly with its brightness and saturated colors, in  a good  way of course :)

Mar 212014

first day of spring
Hello everyone, how has your week been so far? Mine has been unexpectedly busy but that’s good too sometimes. I’m really excited because today I’ve officially started doing yet another 365 project! I started the first one exactly 5 years ago! So, much has changed since then so I’m very curious to see how my work will develop this time around. Also, during this project I will be focusing  more on art and drawing and doing something creative daily and not just on photography ( although I will be taking a bunch of pics too). So, the picture you see above is the first image out of 365 that will be produced during next year.

For the start of the project I wanted to create something happy, fun and colorful, something that will represent the burst of positive energy and I tried to express it all in this photo. I was very pleased when I found these polka dotted balloons in a local store because they seem to be perfect props for a cheerful jumping self-portrait :)

I will be posting my 365 photos regularly on flickr and just occasionally post my progress here not to over flood the blog with bunch of daily pics.

polka dots

Since today is also first day of Spring here’s some positive, sunny energy from me to you, sending you much love and sunshine and warmth and everything awesome!!

you are my sunshine

Mar 142014

party time

I love experimenting and using different (usually handmade and usually colorful) props for photos. For last few days I’ve been diligently cutting out round shapes out of paper and painting them with ink to get cheerful handmade confetti. And what I did with those confetti? I threw them in an empty fish tank! Ok, ok, I know all of this sounds kinda silly…but  when thinking about what kind of photos I’d like to take I decided I wanted to:

  1. take colorful pictures, not just colorful I wanted to capture explosion of color!!
  2. make my own props out of paper
  3. experiment and try out something I haven’t before
  4. have fun!

So, this series of pictures fulfilled all of my ideas and most of all I had SO MUCH fun doing it! I can’t wait to take  more colorful, whimsical photographs!

Oh, and it’s Friday, let’s party :)

party time

party time

triple party time

party time

party time

Mar 102014


I love swallow birds, not just because they symbolize beginning of Spring (at least where I live) but also because they are really cute, charming and fast flying birds. So, naturally I couldn’t resist drawing  one (exceptionally colorful, hehe) swallow. I hope I will see many of these wonderful, feathered creatures this year.



swallow framed

Mar 082014


Today I’d like to write about something that has nothing to do with art, at least not at first glance but it has been on my mind for a while and I’d like to share it with you. I’ve been thinking a lot about women’s relationships with their bodies and how it can effect every aspect of our lives. I’ve never head any particular issues with my body, not even when I was a teenager I’ve never had any major insecurities  and have always felt ok (if not exactly fantastic) in my own skin.

But in last few years I noticed I was feeling more and more insecure about my looks. I couldn’t really point out why, I had no reason to feel insecure or self-consciences. Quite contrary, I’m in really great shape and I have never been healthier.  But still, I felt constant presence of this annoying little voice in my head that kept telling me I’m not attractive enough, thin enough, that my skin is not clean enough, my belly not flat enough, my hair hasn’t got enough volume… None of that made me truly concerned or upset and I was still able to feel good about myself and enjoy my body but I noticed that constant presence of subtle dissatisfaction, of this nagging voice is preventing me from being fully comfortable in my own skin and that is slowly and subtly siphoning my energy.

I know that happens to a lot of women, even to those women who can say they love their body. It seems no matter how confident we feel about ourselves there is that tiny irritating voice that somehow crawls into our hear to whisper  we are not pretty enough, young enough, fit enough and that we should definitely not eat that extra slice of pizza or have that piece of cake… I’m not going to go into why that is so (social conditioning anyone?) but I know in one moment I have had enough of it. I have had enough of having my energy drained by this never ending  self-questioning and I said to myself, in most defiant and decisive manner: “I’m done with this bullshit. I’m done with continually judging myself and my looks, I’m done with subtly criticizing myself and undermining my self-confidence.”  I’m not quite sure how I’ve came to this point but just making that decision felt like a great relief and more decisions naturally followed.

Suddenly I felt very rebellious. “I’m perfect. I look perfect, not great or good or cute, I look perfect!“, I’ve said to myself. Of course, a voice of criticism instantly replied “Nobody is perfect, don’t be silly.” But, hey, that’s not true, we are perfect, in our own way we are all perfect! Our bodies are inherently perfect biological constructions that keep us moving and breathing and accomplishing all kinds of amazing stuff in this material world and they make pretty neat vehicles  on our souls journeys. And, even if my body image does not perfectly fit society’s expectation of what is  beautiful, I still have a right to claim my own perfection and I most certainly have right to say one big fuck you to society’s expectations.

So, I kept saying to myself I look perfect, that I look perfect when I’m all dressed up, but that I also look perfect in yoga pants covered with sweat or that I even look perfect when I have flu and been throwing up all night :) I kept repeating it to myself until I felt that treacherous voice of criticism  had completely disappeared. I was ready to let it go forever and make space for full self-acceptance.

Now, the main reason I’m sharing all this with you is because after I decided to fully accept my own looks I noticed another big, completely  spontaneous shift in perception. My attitude towards creativity and art changed. I begun feeling there is no such thing as “bad art” and that if sometimes we create work  that doesn’t fulfill our expectations it doesn’t mean we failed. It often just means that in that given moment we didn’t have enough resources or time to fulfill our artistic vision. For example, if I work on a painting while feeling tired and unfocused and it doesn’t turn out how I imagined it in my head, it doesn’t mean I’ve failed, it simply means I lacked energy  and my painting reflects that. And that is perfectly ok,  as we all have right to feel tired or unmotivated or be in  a bad  mood sometimes :) Or, if I don’t manage to take a gorgeous photo of a misty landscape that’s been haunting me, it doesn’t mean I’m a bad photographer, it probably  means I haven’t been in the right place at the right time and that’s ok, too. I simply need to keep on looking and taking pictures.

To conclude, after making a conscientious decision to fully accept (and love) my body and after I rejected constant (however subtle) self-criticism I gained new positive, encouraging insights into my own creativity as well and it helped me create more freely and with more ease.

Mar 072014

spring fox

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you’re having  a good one. Here is a little drawing of a fox to end work week with. Fox was made of ink, acrylics and pure joy on A3 format watercolor paper :)

I’m also wishing you a fun weekend,  we’re still having grey, rainy weather here so I was playing a bit with taking colorful pictures in hope we will be getting  some sunshine and a  burst  of color soon :)

friendly fox on a mushroom



happy friday