Photo diary: drawing on an apron, brooches from Macedonia and thoughts on self-publishing

Hello Friday! It’s that time of the week when I share my personal, daily photos with you. Last week I took you to a walk through Zagreb downtown but this week I’ll share a glimpse into some of my creative endeavors.

So, sometimes I paint and draw on aprons yet somehow I never remember to take photos of my creations. So this time, when drawing on an apron I decided to photograph the entire process (as well as finished result of course).

<>sketch on an apron
I did this apron for Maja, so I tried to come up with a drawing she might like. I decided on a little house and a home sweet home sign. First I did a sketch on fabric using my trusty uni-ball roller.

wip drawing on an apron
After that I painted the outlines using black textile paint and thin brushes. After the paint was dry I added purple details using Kuretake ZIG farbicolor pen. I got this pen from Arlen, it’s really great to draw with, it has twin brushes  and like the black paint I used it’s permanent on fabrics after ironing. Unfortunate Kuretake pens are not available in Croatia.

finished apron
This is how the apron looks finished and worn! I also made a little wooden friend to go with the apron. I hope Maja will like it.

drenka's brooches
A couple a days ago I got two lovely flower brooches from Drenka who took part in my swap! You can check out her blog here.

life is beautiful
inside of the book
And yet another thing came in the mail this week, a copy of my book Life Is Beautiful. What’s  the deal with that now, you might ask. Well, I put together a booklet of some of my older illustrations using I wanted to test their service, quality of their printing and shipping options. I self-published my first book via and now I wanted to try something else. I must admit I love Lulu! Prints of my illos turned out beautifully, colors are gorgeous and paper on which they print is high quality. Their site is easy to use and they offer many,many more options than blurb. However, international shipping prices are really expensive and that is the main reason (well probably the only reason ) I will publish my next book via blurb. Why do shipping prices matter to me? Well, from my experience with the first book, many people wanted to buy a signed copy of the book directly from me instead of ordering it directly from blurb (which I totally understand). So, I had to order my books (that are printed and delivered from Netherlands) to Croatia, sign them and then ship them again to their new home making the whole process much pricier than it should be.
Anyway, I really love and I hope they find a way to make their international shipping less expensive.

i love photography canvas
I finished this little painting (5×5 inch) last week but I haven’t took photos of it until today. What to say,I love photography!


I wish you all wonderful weekend and see you all on Monday when my SUPER SWEET PRINT SALE starts :)

18 thoughts on “Photo diary: drawing on an apron, brooches from Macedonia and thoughts on self-publishing”

  1. Pregača je ispala super a fotka na kojoj je nosiš mi je genijalna:)
    Brošići i slika su slatki a ovo za knjigu je baš zanimljivo, hvala za link.

  2. Me tooo!! Ma gdje je kraj tvojoj kreativnosti? Bravo, bravo! Pregača je divna! I jedva čekam vidit knjigu! Btw, imamo istu šalicu (onu crno-bijelu ;)!
    Kako uspiješ precrtati crtež na pregaču da se nigdje ne zezneš? Ili to radiš nekom transfer tehnikom?

  3. Lana- samo nacrtam “od oka”, pa zeznem se i koji put, ali onda tu grešku ukompniram (ili bolje rečeno zakamufliram) u crtež.

  4. Life is beautiful and so are all your items . Your book is really sweet but I am a great great fan of this apron. How cool is that.
    It seems as if you can do everything

  5. Rossichka, thank you for the link! I really love the work of this artist especially her patterns!

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