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So long January, welcome February! I won’t lie to you I’m really glad January is behind us, it sometimes feels like the longest month of the year and this year it seemed never-ending. I blame the cold, gloomy weather (see picture above) we had here, in Croatia, and I hope this month will bring us more sunshine. I decided to start it off with sharing some inspiring links with you. Since I spent last few weeks mostly shooting film it’s no surprise that this post reflects my current interest: analog photography. So, if you into it as well: scroll down and get inspired :)

Dazwischentage is such a lovely blog.

Maryam Khastoo takes beautiful photos. I really love her clever use of natural light in portraits. Also see her work on flickr and tumblr.

You probably know I love photobooks so I was happy to find this tumblr called Totally Fixated on Photobooks so now I can get my daily fix of information about the medium. I was also happy to find this inspiring  photo zine Wasser Attmen by Susann Probst (via said tumblr). Wasser Attmen is beautiful accordion style booklet filled with gorgeous, dreamy Polaroids published by zimmer 117 and you can see more of it here.

Another photobook I really liked is a collection of  photos by various artists called Unlimited Grain/Portraits published by Unlimited Grain that also supports online publication called Traditional Film Photography, a website worth checking out if you’re into film images.

I really love projects that combine beautiful photography and writing so I immediately liked this poetic diary, an ongoing project by Julia that so far has only four chapters but I’m hoping there will be more soon. Julia is also the photographer behind film stills from my daydreams , a blog that features her lovely, retro, dreamy analog pictures. You can find her on flickr, as well.

In lately I’ve been toying around with an idea of putting together a photo zine, but I still have no any particular plans or guidelines on how to do it.  If you, like me are interested in  photo zines you might want to check out concrete sights, a tumblr that showcases print photography books and zines.

If you like reading interviews with photographers, you could like Mull It Over, a collection of interviews, mostly with emerging artist and photography students.

Do you love plastic film cameras? I do, I do! I kinda want to collect them all, so no wonder Superheadz Last Camera caught my attention.  It’ s described  as  a camera that will do everything you ever wanted from a Lomo camera ( therefor being the last analog camera you need to buy, hehe ) but the most interesting thing about it is that you have to build it yourself.

If you’re into lomography here is a list of cool tips for lomo users. Some seem fun to try.

Lomography is putting out a new film soon, LomoChrome Purple 400. I would love to try it out!

If you’re more into digital photography but like lo-fi toy camera effects you could find this article from Smashing Magazine useful: Uncovering Toy Cameras and Polaroid Vintage Effects (With Photoshop Tutorials).

Would you try hacking your camera and transforming the shape of your photos with a film mask? Here’s how tutorial from photojojo.

Did you know April 28th is the worldwide pinhole photography day? Here’s a simple tutorial how to make your own pinhole camera from juice box, and another tutorial from A Beautiful Mess for more ambitious DIY pinhole camera makers.

Steve Irvine makes crazy looking (and fully functional) ceramic pinhole cameras. Wow!


5 thoughts on “Links of inspiration”

  1. proučit ću odmah linkove. hvala! :)

    ja sam neki dan kontaktirala curu koja kreira eTree zine. trenutačno malo pauziraju, ali vjerujem da će uskoro nastaviti s projektom. evo, tu je tumblr da vidiš o čemu se radi:
    probaj joj se javiti…

    inače, crno-bijeli film je ispucan (praktički u dva dana) i ovaj tjedan ide na razvijanje! :)

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