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Sewing time

i love to sew

Okay, so here is a little post dedicated to sewing and the love for it. Personally, I can’t sew and never even gotten close to attempting to learn, it’s just one of those things I lack patience for.  However, recently I was asked to make an illustration with the title I love to sew (the one you can see above). The person who asked for an illustration was delighted how it turned out, but one experienced seamstress warned me my sewing machine doesn’t look realistic at all and that’s not how sewing it’s done. According to this lady one needs thread to sew and my machine isn’t using any (hey but there are 4 thread buddies helping out!)

Since I am a serious artist who never draws from imagination I would like to state that the machine on my illo is in fact based on a real life sewing machine and not just one of my imaginary characters. The drawn machine is  based on ♥little sewing machine buddy♥  you can see photographed below:

sewing buddy

And, in his own words, he likes to sew things. There you go.

i like sewing

sewing love

Here’s a bit more love of sewing and another sewing related  commissioned illo. Volim piti i šiti means I love sewing and drinking in Croatian (and yes it rhymes too). Fun times!

i love sewing and drinking final

For the love of the absurd


Last Spring I got my hands on some old English textbooks and spontaneously started to cut out random sentences and words. I knew I wanted to use them “in something”, as a part of some art project but I had no idea how. So when Arlen and I got bored one exceptionally hot afternoon I suggested a silly game of gluing random words and lines on my old photos which resulted in some completely absurd, ridiculous stuff.
And for someone, such as myself, who has a questionable sense of humor some absurdity is always a good thing.









Fruit salad

fruit salad

Today I prepared some fruit salad for you, to refresh your hot Summer day or to sweeten up a cold Winter weather for you (if you happen to live in a place where it’s Winter now). Scroll down to see the ingredients.

yellow cherries hello
Some friendly cherries.

kiwi mouse
Chubby kiwi mouse.

fruit buddies
Some fruit gentlemen, orange and kiwi seem in a good mood but lemon is a bit sour.

orange parrot
Orange parrot. Or maybe an owl.

kiwi fish
And the last treat… a kiwi fish!
Hope you enjoy the salad!

page fruit

My current inspiration: clouds, little houses and bunny rabbits

yellow mug

Hello everyone! How was your weekend? I had a slight cold over the last two days so I rested  a lot and now my energy is fully back so I’m ready for a new week of creativity and adventures.

In lately I’ve been very inspired by blue skies, white puffy clouds, little houses,  bunny rabbits, flowers and generally everything that has to do with Spring.

So, I took some pictures that reflect my current inspiration to get myself even more inspired and motivated to create!


Two little houses love to hang out together. Smaller one seems to be concerned about something.

it's raining

Why does it always rain on me?”, housey thinks.



big bunny

Chubby bunny says hello.

bunny pillow

I painted on paper, wood, canvases, bags and aprons before but this is a first time I painted  on a decorative pillow. As a motif I choose to paint  blue skies and a smug little rabbit.



 I’ve been very, very inspired by blue skies and white clouds right now, I want to paint them on everything, including everyday objects like clothes hanger.

cloud with glasses

 Hey, there little cloud! This cloud has perfect vision  but wears glasses because he thinks they make him look more intellectual.



What’s your current inspiration?

Three things I’ve learned about art by watching Ultimate Survival by Bear Grylls

Two weeks ago I watched a couple of episodes of Ultimate Survival, (also know as Man vs. Wild) a survival TV show hosted by Bear Grylls on the Discovery Channel.
In every episode of Ultimate Survival Grylls is left stranded in a region. The episode documents his efforts to survive and find a way back to civilization, usually requiring an overnight shelter of some kind. Bear also tells about successful and failed survivals in the particular area which he is in.*

In one of the two episodes I watched, Bear was in Sumatran wilderness  and I couldn’t help but notice there are similarities between trying to stay alive in a jungle and trying to find your place in the art world. Both adventures require excellent survival skills :-D

Here are three things I’ve learned about art by watching Ultimate Survival by Bear Grylls:

1.Do not  fight the jungle

To an average human being, jungle is a hot, humid, dirty, dangerous place overpopulated with all kinds of not-so-friendly creatures, poisonous reptiles and curious insects interested in crawling into one of yours body cavities. Weather conditions change rapidly and drastically,  it constantly rains and humidity and heat are almost unbearable.  If you want to stay alive in such a place, you must not try to fight it but accept it for what it is and adjust. Every attempt to fight the jungle will  cost you precious life energy, you’ll dehydrate, get injured and probably not make it out of there alive.

To an average human being, and someone just starting his art career, art world may seem as an unfriendly, confusing, even mysterious place that functions under some strange rules known  by a handful of chosen people.  Trying to navigate through such a place can be very frustrating at times but if you want to find you way you must not fight it. Do not complain about how art galleries/market/curators/publishing companies/etc work.  Do not go on one-man crusades  trying to convince everyone how their way of doing things is outdated and plain wrong. Do not rant about how you’re misunderstood or rejected as an artist if  you didn’t get a chance you thought you deserved. Just do not fight the jungle art world, if you do, it will cost you precious life energy, you’ll get very bitter and frustrated and want to give up all together.

Be intelligent , adjust and maneuver your way through the art jungle or if you just don’t feel like being a part of it at all, open yourself for alternatives because today there are many alternative ways to pursue your art and make a living out of it (but, hey that’s a story for another post ;-)).

2.It’s important to build a shelter

When you’re alone in the wilderness, especially overnight,  building a shelter is crucial to your survival. Shelter will keep you safe and warm and provide you protection from nasty beasts.

When you’re trying to find your path to success in the art world, dealing with art galleries, curators, clients and promoting your work will take a lot of your time and energy. You’ll also be exposed to a lot of critique (which sometimes will not be constructive but only mean and spiteful).
In order to get through all that you must build some kind of a shelter, a space where you can create freely unburdened with this, business side of being an artist. This shelter can be in your studio, your work desk, a tiny corner in your home where you can just sit and feel safe to express yourself, create and regenerate and re-energize yourself.

If you don’t create such space you’re putting yourself in danger by being drained by the business side of art.

3.At times, to stay alive, you must eat some larva

At times in jungle your only source of food will be something seriously gross like big, fat, wiggly maggot. But you must eat it if you want to stay alive and keep going.

Sometimes, especially when you’re just starting you career in art world you must take on various (often unpleasant, draining, meaningless) jobs to buy food and pay the bills. It’s not nice and if you want to make it as an artist it can feel very frustrating and make you feel like you’re wasting time when you should be working on your art.

But, hey, sometimes is necessary toswallow the maggot make compromises to help you move through financially challenging period and help you reach your final goals.

If you feel like watching Bear Grylls, there are plenty of videos on youtube to browse through.

And if you feel like learning some skills to help you find your way through art jungle you can start here: articles for artists.

*quote source: wikipedia